pablovester watercolor artist portrait



my name is pablo vester.

I am an illustrator from Argentina

and I work with watercolors.





Kaiju Muestra en Marzo 2023 organizada por matosaw. Art exhibition where pablovester took part in

Kaiju Muestra

2023 – Chimera Arte, Buenos Aires

A local exhibition, organized by fellow artist and my personal best friend; Matosaw. It gathered 28 artists. The technique was up to each artist, so you could see traditional work, prints of digital illustrations and even custom toys all under the same topic: kaijus. Check out all artworks here.

Demon Slayer exhibition

2022 – Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens, Buenos Aires

An exhibition organized by local illustration studio, Estudio Kudasai, for the event “Jornadas Del Manga y Anime” (Manga & Anime Days) which is held quarterly at the Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens. The theme was the anime Demon Slayer and my illustration was a watercolor artwork of the character Inosuke.

Monstruos Imprimiendo

2019 – Berlin Grafik, Buenos Aires

Celebrating their first year, the printing shop Berlin Grafik, organized a small exhibition in December. 48 artists showcased black and white artworks under the topic of the title of the exhibition: monsters printing. Check out some pictures from that event here.



"en la noche"

2019 – Self published

Inspired by the movie Only Lovers Left Alive, “En La Noche” (Into The Night) is a fanzine that narrates a short story about vampires and all those things that go bump in the night that you can’t see. It’s in spanish and only available in physical form in Argentina.

You can buy it here.

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